About Us

Sally GarberSALLY GARBER, Certified Colon Hydrotherapist, Certified Natural Health Professional, Certified Body Ecologist, Living on Live Food Chef Certification (Level 1), Aromatherapy, etc.

SALLY GARBER, owner/therapist for 23 years, first trained in Mechanicsburg, Pa in 1995, then full certification course taken in San Antonio, Texas at Tiller Mind Body Naturopathic Institute in 2000. She began her own wellness business in 2000.

I was born and raised on a Franklin Co., Kansas farm. I faintly remember going with my mother while she received colonics at our doctor's office in Ottawa, Kansas. My family knew about the benefits of enemas/colonics and practiced the use of them for both prevention/aid to healing of health issues. I am very grateful to my parents and grandparents for this foundational knowledge! I was always at least somewhat interested in learning and expanding my knowledge of how to be healthy because my dad used to buy books and subscribe to health related magazines.

At age 20 I married and moved to a Franklin Co., Pennsylvania farm. At least 15 years went by, during which time I gave birth to 3 sons (twins and a single). My life was "caught up" in child care, cooking, baking, gardening, preserving food, lawn care,  housework, volunteer work and much more.

Eventually I started taking health related classes/seminars and found Daisy, founder of Total Health Ministries, a colon hydrotherapist who became not only my therapist, but also a friend who encouraged me in my quest for added purpose in my life. She apparently thought I'd make a good therapist! I knew that colonics helped ME, and that this was a way to make a significant difference in other people's lives. I believe that I HAVE made a difference in other's lives because many clients have told me so!

To my past, present, and future clients: Thank you for allowing me to serve you!