Frequently Asked Questions

This is the truth about what I experienced during colon hydrotherapy, and I would like to share it with people. What I thought before my colonics was false, perhaps due to my own inexperienced thought process or because of inaccurate/misleading information from society and the media.
Sally educated and explained everything to me in detail, including information about a healthy lifestyle. The room is private and has a relaxing "feel" to it.I was covered at all times! I was instructed how to use the equipment myself. However, Sally was always available (at the touch of a call button) to answer questions or guide me. I was never exposed.
During the colonic I was relaxed and comfortable. In fact, I almost fell asleep with the relaxation music, warm room, and dim light. I felt significant relief from abdominal bloating and discomfort after the colonic!
- Lisa Walker

I have experienced a great deal of discomfort with Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Constipation in the past 8 years. However, since receiving colonics, I am feeling better and healthier and I have found relief with Sally's service.
I am also noticing that my body WANTS to eliminate and that is an answer to my prayers!
- Susan Sanders

My beginning colonics were no picnic. I was reluctant and did not care for the procedure. Then, Sally Garber telling me that it's good to have colonics at least a couple days in a row did not make any first.
Hearing others' testimonies was why I continued, and that is why I'm writing this--to encourage others. Having colonic is simply one of the most sensible things I've ever done. By freeing up my colon from being buried in masses of sewage, undigested food, parasites, etc., the vitamins I've taken in the past are no longer being wasted, but now can be properly assimilated and do their work.
I am convinced that colonics are totally essential for good health, and having them close together is the best way. Sally was right!
Many thanks to Sally Garber.
- Frances Lynch

I'm so glad I decided to try colonics. Immediately after colonics sessions, my gut feels "soothed", which is the best way I can describe the feeling. Over time, I noticed I digest food better, have less gas and bloating, feel more energetic, and my skin is becoming clearer.
I thank Sally for her professionalism during colonics sessions, and the knowledge she's given me on improving my digestive system and ridding my body of toxins. Wish I knew about colonics earlier in my life, but now that I know, it will be a regular part of the rest of my life!
- A. Cooper

Sally's Colon Cleansing is an invaluable service that recently was a lifesaver for me. I was very sick with an upper respiratory infection, including bronchitis. Ridding my body of the load of mucus put me back on the path to health! And Sally is a gem: compassionate, attentive and generous. She has a powerful healing way about her that is a great comfort. I always know I will feel much better after visiting Sally!
Hurrah for Colon Hydrotherapy!

I had been struggling with low energy, brain fog, weight gain, constipation, and depression for months. I tried countless supplements and diets in hopes to feel better with very little improvement. After two sessions at Sally's I feel like a new person, with newfound energy and passion for life. Very grateful.
- Samantha

"To me, getting a colonic is better than winning the lottery!"
- Lori

I had my monthly massage the day after my last appointment with you. My muscles have increasingly been getting worse over the last year. In fact I asked her at the end of the massage if she was just taking it easy on me or if she noticed a difference in my muscles. My therapist told me that my muscle texture was A LOT better than it had been. I am convinced of the benefits of colon hydrotherapy!
Thanks so much for the work that you do!
- Female client

Sally's colon cleanse was remarkable! My first experience was gentle and comfortable and I felt lighter and brighter after the experience. It was definitely a first step on the road to revitalization and renewal. Thanks, Sally ! I look forward to regular cleansing in the future.

I LOVE doing colon cleansing at Sally's! She is a top notch professional--very knowledgeable! The process is easy, painless, affordable, and effective. It has helped me get over a bad URI (upper respiratory infection), plus I feel so good afterward. How can I not feel wonderful after ridding my body of toxic, disease-causing material? This is a therapy for long term good health in body and spirit.

Sally’s colonics bring a great feeling of cleanliness throughout the body. Apparently, it has also helped my skin issues and my overall wellbeing. Thanks for the attention and care that is given by Sally!


I have been using colon hydrotherapy for about six weeks and it is just amazing how much better I feel overall. I sleep better, have a great deal of energy when I wake, and have regular bowel movements without medicine. I would recommend this type of treatment to anyone looking for better health in general.

-Jason Lewis

I found Sally Garber’s cleansing center after searching on the internet for information on colon hydrotherapy. I had been having sluggish bowel problems for some time and I wanted to see what colon hydrotherapy would do for me. The first couple of treatments left me feeling light and clean, and I noticed things looked brighter and clearer. It was like I had stepped into another dimension of existence. I concluded that the toxins that had built up in my body due to slow elimination had caused me to live at a sub par level of existence. The treatments that I have received from Sally have literally saved my life. I have colon cancer in my family and I am convinced that being proactive about health is one of the best ways of staying healthy. Thank you so much Sally! I am deeply grateful for your health ministry.


Sally has changed my life. I feel and look 100% better and my attitude has improved by leaps and bounds. She is very knowledgeable about her field. She is very genuine and she is blessed.

-Vicki Spence

Sally’s colonic therapy has improved my everyday life! I actually have energy! My skin started glowing and I feel just all around better, mentally and physically. (Diagnosed with systemic candida.) I cannot thank Sally enough for helping me so much and for being such a compassionate person.

-Jamie, age 24

I’m 27 years old and a professional marathoner. Doctors and others say I’m a healthy person, but I must say I have not experienced true health until I tried colonic hydrotherapy. More than massage, a good run, or even a “good” American diet, working with Sally and learning about how my body works has helped me feel stress-free, energetic, cleansed and light. My next hope is to inspire others-like my closest family-to explore true health.

-Emory Mort

I feel a lot better than I have in a long time. I am 57 and haven’t felt this good in years.

-Liz L.

Sally’s services helped me to “go more.” My all around health is better. My skin is clearer and brighter. My attitude has improved and I have more energy. I love the professional and private atmosphere. Thanks Sally!