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Effective February 15, 2019: Only $70 first colonic, then $60 after first visit. Cash, Check, or Credit Card accepted, no extra fees for credit cards.



Only $25 per session. One simply breathes the moist, gentle air which has a bio-identical signal sent through pure water to stimulate cellular activity/repair/rejuvenation.

NanoVi™ sessions are appropriate for anyone. They support other treatments by assisting the body’s repair mechanisms, with no possibility of interference or conflict.

• NanoVi™ devices are used to:
• Improve cellular activities including the utilization of oxygen and nutrients
• Balance the autonomic nervous system for better sleep and rejuvenation
• Increase cell energy production
• Support detoxification
• Promote vitality

NanoVi™ technology generates precisely the same signal that the body uses to trigger cellular repair. The signal is delivered across a humidified airstream to boost repair and regeneration. This patented technology is drug-free and sessions can be done on their own or in conjunction with other treatments.

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